Max Riv

Max Riv


Max Riv

Natural immune system stimulant

Key ingredients :

Each 1 Liter Contains :

Fracto OligosaccharideLactoferrinMethionineSodium Selenite Immune herbal Extract
 Zilo OligosaccharideslysineVitamin E Zinc Sulfate Purified Water


  • Max Riv has strong immune-maculation action and increases specific and non-specific immunity
  • Max Riv is growth promoter and very strong antioxidant
  • Max Riv has antiviral activity against ( IB, ND , IBD and AI )
  • Max Riv increases immune response to vaccination

Dosage and Administration :

0.5-1 ml / 1 liter of drinking water /12 hours / 3-5 days