Dr / Mohammed Nazeem 

Position : Board Chairman 

Degrees :

                 Master of business administration ( MBA ) in ” Marketing

                   Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medical sciences year 2000

Experiences :

              11 years experiences in Manufacturing veterinary medicines

              20 years experiences in Marketing of veterinary medicines 

In order to improve our performance and reach the best, we promise that the coming years will see vertical and horizontal growth for the company, Since the issue of safe, high-quality products requires the utmost care and responsibility of the operators in this vital sector That is why Rival Pharm has been keen to employ the best qualified, scientifically, technically and administratively. qualified professionals  The aim is to provide excellent and high quality services in veterinary field I conclude by calling on all our operators in the provinces not to hesitate To inform us of all available means of their feedback on the level of our services products manufactured by us and we assure everyone that their remarks are welcomed and respected by the board of directors

DR. Mohammed Nazeem