Cyna Plus

Cyna Plus




Treatment and prevention of Mycotoxins

Components :

Key ingredients :

In Active Yeast( B-glucan & M.o.s) Bacillus Subtilis Vitamin E  
SilymarinFormic Acid L- Carnitine  
Sodium Selenite Propionic acid Lactic Acid
BetaineGut enhancer herbal extract  
Phosphoric Acid  Purified water


Cena Plus is a multifactorial product against all types of mycotoxins .

Cena Plus maintains quality of flock by overcoming harmful effects of mycotoxins on vital organs as liver and kidney providing rapid recovery.

Cena Plus eliminates toxins harmful effects on body vital organs

Cena Plus changes toxins to non toxins compounds

Dosage and Administration :

0.5 : 1 ml / l liter of drinking water / 12 h / 3:5 days .